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Lagoon 400

Our Catamaran: LAGOON 400

Candela is a 40 foot sailing and power catamaran built in France in 2019. It is a Lagoon 400 with capacity for 20 passengers plus crew.
She has four cabins and two full bathrooms, internal and external dining room, sunbathing areas and a crew cabin.
Candela is an ocean catamaran that perfectly combines luxury, comfort and safety for you and your loved ones.

Lots of room and comfort

Since candela is a catameran, it has plenty of interior space for your comfort. Both an internal living room and an external one allow you to dine comfortably.

Easy and safe access to water

Post stairs in the stern allow anyone to enter and exit the water with absolute safety and ease. The most adventurous costimers can dive from the bow to have fun!


What kind of sailboat is it and from which shipbuilder?
Our sailboat is a sailing and motor catamaran, brand Lagoon 400 S2

In what year was it built?
In the year 2019

What´s its size?
40 feet (15 meters)

How many people does it fit?
The maximum is 25 people, but we limit it to 20 for your comfort and safety.

Does the ship have bathrooms?
Yes, two large, complete and comfortable bathrooms

How many cabins does the sailboat have?
It has four cabins.

Can the cabins be used during the tuor?
Yes, just to change clothes

At what speed is the sailboat sailing?
Cruising speed is 7 knots (about 14 miles per hour)

How many crew sail the sailboat?
A captain, two deckhand, a host and a chef

Does the sailboat have all the safety elements?
Yes, the sailboat is enabled for ocean crossings and coastal tours. We have all the required security elements and some extras for our peace of mind.

Is the crew trained in case there is an accident?
It is a very unlikely for an accident to occur because we are extremely cautious and have everything prepared in advance so that it does not happen. In the rare event that it occurs, our crew is trained and certified in firefighting and first aid care to respond to any emergency.


Captain "DG"

RYA Yachtmaster Offshore License Captain.

- "The main aspect on any boat is safety: I´ll take care of it so you can enjoy your tour 100%", (Cap. "DG")

Captain Alex

Hello mis amigos, I´ll wait for you in my beloved Mexico to show you the wonders of Cozumel. I want to share with you the wanders I´ve seen in more than 35 years of sailing. Bienvenidos!!!


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